CBS Cancels 7 Shows

CBS has pulled the plug on seven of its lower-performing prime time shows, TV Wrap reports.

The least surprising cancellation is that of NUMB3RS, whose fate has been in question for some time.  One of the lead actors went on to appear in a different show for a different network, leading many to speculate that the end of NUMB3RS was already a done deal.

COLD CASE and GHOST WHISPERER were also canceled, though MEDIUM was spared.

The network’s newest series, MIAMI MEDICAL, will also not find a home on the fall schedule.

As for sitcoms, ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE won’t be back, which means that Billie’s baby delivery, which wrapped up the season earlier this month, will also be the way the series ends.

Wednesday sitcoms THE OLD ADVENTURES OF NEW CHRISTINE and GARY UNMARRIED were also let go.  The cancellation of CHRISTINE represents a double whammy for co-star Wanda Sykes, since her nighttime show was just canceled by the Fox network.

CBS will officially announce its fall lineup tomorrow.  Don’t forget to come back to the Live 5 Insider for details.


CBS Plans Big Things for May!

It’s time to talk season finales! May on CBS will bring the big finales to THE AMAZING RACE and SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLIANS, plus cliffhangers for your favorite regular series.

We’ve made a list of the biggest shows and brief descriptions of what you can expect. So get your calendars and jot down these dates because you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re tuned in to LIVE 5 WCSC: Continue reading

Basketball Takes Prime Time

Tonight’s prime time programming will be shown overnight Sunday because of the ACC Basketball Tournament.

Tonight at 7:00pm, Maryland takes on Georgia Tech.

Then at 9:30pm, Florida State and North Carolina State battle it out.

For fans of Friday night’s regular prime time programming, set your DVRs to record Sunday night/Monday morning to see those shows:

  • GHOST WHISPERER: Sunday at 11:35pm.
  • MEDIUM: Monday at 1:35am.
  • NUMB3RS: Monday at 2:35am.

This week’s NUMB3RS is the season finale, but it may well wind up being the series finale, so if you’re a fan, make sure you see this show!