20 CBS Shows Renewed So Far

CBS’s crime drama CRIMINAL MINDS will be back for its 11th season in the fall, an announcement that marks CBS’s 20th renewal for the 2013-14 season.

Here’s a complete list of the shows the network confirmed for renewal so far:

  • 48 HOURS
  • NCIS
  • 60 MINUTES

Last week, the network announced the renewal of TWO AND A HALF MEN for an 11th season, although the fate of co-star Angus T. Jones, who plays the “half” man, Jake, was still subject to contract negotiations. TWO-AND-A-HALF-MEN-KUTCHERHe didn’t appear as often this past season because of a military storyline. He is said to be interested in pursuing college and music, but after a controversial religious video in which he slammed the show went viral, many have speculated about what his future with the show might be.

Only newcomers PARTNERS and MADE IN JERSEY were canceled from last season.

The remaining shows on CBS’s prime time lineup are still waiting to hear their fates. Those shows are RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, VEGAS, THE GOLDEN BOY and CSI:NY.

Which shows are you most excited to see returning for another season?


CBS Cancels Five Series

For months now, we’ve been wondering whether crime scene investigators in Miami or New York would get the pink slip as rumors circulated that one (or both) of the CSI spinoffs would get canceled.

We now know the answer. And it looks like David Caruso will be hanging up his shades for good after 10 seasons.

CBS has canceled the costlier of the two, so CSI: MIAMI will not return next season. CSI: NY, the cheaper of the two spinoffs, earned a reprieve and will be back for its ninth season.

The ax fell on four of the Network’s freshmen series.

UNFORGETTABLE, featuring Poppy Montgomery as a detective who can’t forget anything, except for the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death, apparently failed to be memorable enough for viewers.

CBS offered no life support to medical drama, A GIFTED MAN, starring Patrick Wilson as a talented neurologist haunted by the ghost of his ex-wife. Wilson caused a minor controversy when he tweeted that after hearing rumor after rumor about whether the show would return, he couldn’t be happier now the question was actually answered, adding that “As good as it was (sometimes) it was not what I signed on for.”

The sitcom ROB! actually looked quite promising when it began, boosting Thursday night numbers while paired with BIG BANG THEORY. But by the end of eight episodes, the numbers slipped enough to get it yanked.

NYC22 didn’t catch on quickly enough, and the show about rookie cops in the Big Apple is now permanently off duty.

Of the five shows, which one will you miss the most?

CSI: Welcomes Familiar Face Back for Fall

CBS’s crime drama CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION is officially welcoming back actress Jorja Fox full-time this fall.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the actress, who appeared during the show’s first seven seasons, then departed early in its eighth, will be a full-time regular for the program’s upcoming 12th season.

Fox’s character, Sara Sidle, is the wife of Gil Grissom, the series’ original main lead character. That character was played by William Petersen from the first episode.

Their marriage was never seen on camera, but in Season 10, during a return to the Las Vegas crime lab, the character revealed that she and Grissom were married and had been living in Paris where he has been conducting a seminar.

When Petersen left that role 10 episodes into the show’s ninth season, he was replaced by Laurence Fishburne. After two full seasons, Fishburne decided not to return this fall, and Ted Danson was recently announced as a replacement.

There’s no word, yet, on whether Fox’s return to the series might be a sign that Petersen will be back, but that is a development longtime fans of the show continue to hope for.

The new season begins Wednesday, September 21 at 10:00pm.

Danson Joins CSI:

Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Award Winner Ted Danson will join the cast of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION this season, replacing Laurence Fishburne, who exited the series at the end of this past season.

CBS announced the casting news on Wednesday. The venerable forensic series begins its 12th season this fall.

Danson will play the new CSI Supervisor for the grave shift after heading the crime lab in Portland. He comes to the team as they are still grappling with the professional and personal fallout from last season’s take-down of serial killer, Nate Haskell.

“You can create a new character on the page, but until the perfect actor comes along and breathes life into it, it’s just words,” Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn said. “We’re very excited Ted Danson came along.”

“From the moment we all started talking about the role, it was clear he couldn’t be more perfect,” said Executive Producer Don McGill. “Intelligence, wit, warmth, depth of character and emotion, he brings it all. And now he’ll have to bring latex gloves, too.”

Danson will remain a series regular on the critically acclaimed HBO series, Bored to Death. He has also recently garnered accolades for his roles on “Damages” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Danson recently published his first book, Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them, currently available in book stores.

CSI: is the most-watched television show in the world. Set your DVRs to catch the season premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 21st at 10:00pm on LIVE 5 WCSC.

Fishburne Leaving CSI:

Laurence Fishburne is leaving the popular CBS crime drama CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, sources are reporting.

Fishburne stepped into the starring role two and a half seasons ago to replace William Petersen, who wanted time away from the grind.

Insiders with the show reportedly aren’t surprised by Fishburne’s decision, suggesting that they all knew he wasn’t going to be a part of the show long-term.  The Oscar-nominated actor says he wants to return to motion pictures.

Meanwhile, Marg Helgenburger will return for the show’s 12th season, but only in reduced capacity, choosing to appear in a limited number of episodes.

Mark Your Calendars! Season Finales Are On the Way!

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Two CBS Shows Among World’s Most Watched

Yes, we said World’s, not America’s!

Late last week, the forensic & police procedural hit CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION received Monte Carlo TV Festival’s International Television Audience Award in the drama series category.

The award is given to the shows with the biggest audience in the world.  For CSI:, that amounts to almost 74 million viewers around the globe.  It’s the third time in four years that the show received the recognition.  Last year, it was edged out by Fox’s House.  CSI: also was named most-watched in 2007 and 2008.  Its sister show, CSI: MIAMI, won in 2006.

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Thursday’s Prime Time Buzz

Here’s a quick look at tonight’s prime time lineup:

Tonight at 8:00pm: Struggling to keep their tribe intact, the “Heroes” vow to work together as long as it takes to ensure that they outlast the “Villains.” Meanwhile, the “Villains” begin to turn on one another after one tribe member makes a costly mistake at the Reward Challenge, on SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.

Tonight at 9:00pm: When the CSI team investigates the brutal murder of a family, they trace the killer to the house next door, which might belong to the “Dr. Jekyll” serial killer, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.

Tonight at 10:00pm: When a “Jane Doe” with amnesia and covered in blood steps in front of Cho and Van Pelt’s car, Patrick Jane must use all of his skills to discover who she is, her last location and why she lost her memory, on THE MENTALIST.

Then at 11:35pm on THE LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN: Actor Bill Murray; musical guest Ludacris.

Thursday’s Prime Time Buzz

Here’s tonight’s prime time buzz:

Tonight at 8:00: Hurt and betrayed by a close ally, one castaway learns the hard way that loyalty isn’t always easy, and one powerhouse learns from experience that old grudges die hard, on SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS.

Tonight at 9:00: Patrick Jane, Lisbon and the CBI team brace themselves to finally meet their new boss, Special Agent Madeleine Hightower, on THE MENTALIST.

Tonight at 10:00: Catherine and Detective Vartann are thrown together in a hotel room for 24 hours as they stake out a duo making drugs in the room next door.  Meanwhile, Nick and Langston work a case that involves a fetish which has become big business in Vegas, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.

Tonight at 11:35 on THE LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN: Actor Sam Worthington; sportscasters Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic; musical guest Patty Loveless