20 CBS Shows Renewed So Far

CBS’s crime drama CRIMINAL MINDS will be back for its 11th season in the fall, an announcement that marks CBS’s 20th renewal for the 2013-14 season.

Here’s a complete list of the shows the network confirmed for renewal so far:

  • 48 HOURS
  • NCIS
  • 60 MINUTES

Last week, the network announced the renewal of TWO AND A HALF MEN for an 11th season, although the fate of co-star Angus T. Jones, who plays the “half” man, Jake, was still subject to contract negotiations. TWO-AND-A-HALF-MEN-KUTCHERHe didn’t appear as often this past season because of a military storyline. He is said to be interested in pursuing college and music, but after a controversial religious video in which he slammed the show went viral, many have speculated about what his future with the show might be.

Only newcomers PARTNERS and MADE IN JERSEY were canceled from last season.

The remaining shows on CBS’s prime time lineup are still waiting to hear their fates. Those shows are RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, VEGAS, THE GOLDEN BOY and CSI:NY.

Which shows are you most excited to see returning for another season?


CBS Cancels Five Series

For months now, we’ve been wondering whether crime scene investigators in Miami or New York would get the pink slip as rumors circulated that one (or both) of the CSI spinoffs would get canceled.

We now know the answer. And it looks like David Caruso will be hanging up his shades for good after 10 seasons.

CBS has canceled the costlier of the two, so CSI: MIAMI will not return next season. CSI: NY, the cheaper of the two spinoffs, earned a reprieve and will be back for its ninth season.

The ax fell on four of the Network’s freshmen series.

UNFORGETTABLE, featuring Poppy Montgomery as a detective who can’t forget anything, except for the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death, apparently failed to be memorable enough for viewers.

CBS offered no life support to medical drama, A GIFTED MAN, starring Patrick Wilson as a talented neurologist haunted by the ghost of his ex-wife. Wilson caused a minor controversy when he tweeted that after hearing rumor after rumor about whether the show would return, he couldn’t be happier now the question was actually answered, adding that “As good as it was (sometimes) it was not what I signed on for.”

The sitcom ROB! actually looked quite promising when it began, boosting Thursday night numbers while paired with BIG BANG THEORY. But by the end of eight episodes, the numbers slipped enough to get it yanked.

NYC22 didn’t catch on quickly enough, and the show about rookie cops in the Big Apple is now permanently off duty.

Of the five shows, which one will you miss the most?

Fourth Freshman Series Bites the Dust

CBS decided the fate of two more shows said to be “on the bubble,” or having an uncertain future, on Tuesday.

Though CSI:NY was renewed for another season, the midseason replacement that took its old time slot, CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR, won’t be back in the fall.

The program aired Wednesdays at 10:00pm, immediately following the series it spun off from, CRIMINAL MINDS.  But ratings for the sequel just weren’t strong enough to warrant a second season.

The news follows CBS’s announcement on Monday that three other first-year series were also canceled.

The Network is expected to announce its full fall season plan to prospective advertisers on Wednesday.

CBS Cancels Three Freshmen Series

Three series that made their debut this season have gotten the ax from CBS.

S#*! MY DAD SAYS, which starred William Shatner as a cantankerous father full of clever things to say, was one of the first shows to wrap up its season commitment, and quietly disappeared from the schedule months ago.  The show was based on a wildly popular Twitter feed, but never got the huge audience executives would have hoped a big name like Shatner might deliver.

After 19 episodes, the legal drama THE DEFENDERS is also out.  Though it initially performed well on its Wednesday night premiere slot, when the network moved the show to Friday nights, that changed.  The show featured Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi as Las Vegas lawyers who take a lot of the more offbeat cases that most attorneys would pass on.

And one of the network’s newest sitcoms, midseason replacement MAD LOVE, starring Jason Biggs, won’t be back next season.  Its finale airs tonight on LIVE 5 WCSC.

TV Squad reports that there are still several CBS shows whose fate isn’t known, yet, including CSI:NY, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, and HAWAII FIVE-0.

The Network is expected to present its official new season schedule to advertisers this Wednesday, so we’ll keep you updated on the fate of other shows currently on the schedule.

CBS Announces New Fall Schedule

CBS will introduce six new shows this fall, including a remake of a classic police drama and a sequel to a Wednesday night hit.

The news comes during the network’s Upfront presentation, a special pitch to potential advertisers that gives them an early look at the fall lineup in the hopes of attracting early sponsorship commitments.

One of the most anticipated shows coming in the fall is HAWAII FIVE-O, a remake of the 1970s police drama of the same title that also aired on CBS.  That means a new generation will get to grow up hearing the famous line, “Book ’em, Dano.”  Continue reading

CBS Plans Big Things for May!

It’s time to talk season finales! May on CBS will bring the big finales to THE AMAZING RACE and SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLIANS, plus cliffhangers for your favorite regular series.

We’ve made a list of the biggest shows and brief descriptions of what you can expect. So get your calendars and jot down these dates because you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re tuned in to LIVE 5 WCSC: Continue reading

Wednesday’s Prime Time Buzz

Here’s tonight’s prime time buzz:

Tonight at 8:00: Christine begins seeing a therapist who shares office space with Matthew, although it’s unclear to both whether to pursue therapy or romance, on THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE.

Tonight at 8:30: Abby and Nick have their respective significant others spend time with Billie and Zack to prevent them from finding out about the surprise shower they are planning.  However, their plan backfires when both Billie and Zack dislike their new buddies, on ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE.

Tonight at 9:00: While tracking a family annihilator, the BAU must seek advice from “The Fox,” one of the most horrific killers from the team’s past who has an ominous message for Agent Hotchner, on CRIMINAL MINDS.

Tonight at 10:00: In the culmination of a multi-episode mystery, Mac and his team uncover the dark lair of a murderous madman, the Compass Killer.  But as they race to save his fourth victim, the sunrise presents one final surprise that no one ever expected, on CSI: NY.

Tonight at 11:35 on THE LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN: Actor Ricky Gervais; turkey callers; musical guests The Whigs

Wednesday’s Prime Time Buzz

Here’s a quick look at tonight’s prime time lineup:

Tonight at 8:00pm: After Barb has her lawyer deliver divorce papers, Christine hires an aggressive divorce lawyer who convinces her that Barb owes her alimony, on THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE.

Tonight at 8:30pm: After finding out that their divorce papers were never filed, Gary tries to get Allison to give him his old stuff back; Rachel gives Mitch a makeover, on GARY UNMARRIED.

Tonight at 9:00pm: The BAU tracks a serial killer who removes the eyes of his victims and keeps them as souvenirs, on CRIMINAL MINDS.

Tonight at 10:00pm: Mac and the team carefully follow the trail of clues left by a killer after two bodies are discovered at the north and south ends of the city, on CSI:NY.

Then at 11:35pm on THE LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN: from “The Bounty Hunter,” actor Gerard Butler; from “The Office,” actress Mindy Kaling; music group Free Energy.

Wednesday’s Prime Time Buzz

Here’s a quick look at tonight’s prime time lineup:

Tonight at 8:00pm: In an effort to teach Ritchie’s class some street smarts, Christine encourages the school to let them take the subway on a field trip but ends up stranded at the station as the train leaves without her, on THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE.

Tonight at 8:30pm: When Mitch returns home from overseas, Gary tries to help him figure out what he’ll do for a living. Meanwhile, Curtis and Charleen hire Allison as their wedding planner, on GARY UNMARRIED.

Tonight at 9:00pm: A truck driver is kidnapping women and disposing of them in random locations and the BAU must find out his motive in order to catch him, on CRIMINAL MINDS.

Tonight at 10:00pm: When a double homicide involving two young journalists who are investigating a story about gold fraud occurs on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, the CSIs must find the clue at the end of the rainbow, on CSI: NY.

Then on THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN: Singer Jessica Simpson; musical guests Alkaline Trio.