March Madness: Thursday & Friday

Okay, sports fans: get ready for more basketball on LIVE 5 NEWS.

Tonight at 7:00pm, Butler and Syracuse battle it out. At 9:57pm, Cornell takes on Kentucky. Both games will be carried on LIVE 5 WCSC, which means that LIVE 5 NEWS AT 7 and LIVE 5 NEWS AT 11 will move over to our second channel, LIVE 5+.

Then on Friday night, Tennessee and Ohio State go at it at 7:00pm, followed by the Purdue – Duke game at 9:57pm. Our 7pm and 11pm newscasts are also airing on Live 5+ this night as well.


March Madness: This Thursday

The Madness continues later this week on LIVE 5 WCSC with NCAA Tournament basketball.

Here’s the lineup for Thursday’s games:

  • 7:07PM: Butler – Syracuse
  • 9:57PM: Cornell – Kentucky

Thursday and Friday, because of basketball, LIVE 5 NEWS AT 7 and LIVE 5 NEWS AT 11 will be shown live on LIVE 5+.

March Madness: Friday & Saturday

March Madness continues Friday on LIVE 5 WCSC. Daytime soaps will not be shown, but they will pick up where they left off on Monday. LIVE 5 NEWS AT NOON, LIVE 5 NEWS AT 7 and LIVE 5 NEWS AT 11 will all be shown live on Live5+ at their normal times.

Here’s the lineup for Friday’s games:

  • 12:25pm Minnesota- Xavier
  • 2:35pm Missouri – Clemson
  • 7:25pm Arkansas Pine Bluff – Duke
  • 9:40pm Houston – Maryland

Then, on Saturday:

  • 1:05PM – St. Mary’s – Villanova
  • 3:35PM – Ohio U – Tennessee
  • 5:40PM – N. Iowa – Kansas
  • 8:15PM – Wake Forest – Kentucky

As soon as we get Sunday’s lineup of games, we’ll post them here as well, so be sure to visit this blog on Saturday after lunch!

Let the Madness Begin!

This Thursday and Friday, NCAA March Madness basketball officially tips off. For soap fans, it means that THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, and AS THE WORLD TURNS will not be shown on those two days.

This week, unlike last week, you will not miss your shows, because these games are being carried by CBS itself, so the network did not produce episodes of the soaps for these two days.

On Monday, the three shows will each pick up right where they left off on Wednesday.

Your Insider knows what you’re thinking: why didn’t it happen this way last week? The answer is simple, yet a little complicated. And I’ll get to that in just a moment.

But first, I wanted to let you know which games you’ll see on Thursday:

  • 12:20pm Florida – BYU
  • 2:30pm Murray St – Vanderbilt
  • 7:15pm E Tennessee St – Kentucky
  • 9:45pm San Diego State – Tennessee

Then, on Friday:

  • 12:25pm Minnesota- Xavier
  • 2:35pm Missouri – Clemson
  • 7:25pm Arkansas Pine Bluff – Duke
  • 9:40pm Houston – Maryland

LIVE 5 NEWS AT NOON, LIVE 5 NEWS AT 7 and LIVE 5 NEWS AT 11 will all move to LIVE 5+ on Thursday and Friday. You can also get your local news and your updated neighborhood forecast online at

Speaking of Live 5+, here’s the answer to the soap question: Last week’s ACC Tournament was not carried on the CBS network: it was carried instead by individual stations who are under contract to carry the tournament. So while we had the games, CBS also had its daytime programming. We decided that since we have our new second channel, Live 5+, we would move the soaps there for those two days. It turned out that we had to get special permission from CBS to do so, and they agreed to let us move their programming to the second channel for those two days only.

This week, since CBS is carrying the games itself, they knew not to make soap episodes for Thursday and Friday. So while you won’t see your shows those two days, at least you’ll still be caught up by the time Monday rolls around.

Enjoy the madness…and thanks for watching Live 5 WCSC and Live 5+!

The Prelude to the ‘Madness’

So we’ve got good news and we’ve got bad news.

The good news is that basketball fans have a lot more reasons to watch LIVE 5 WCSC this week! We’ll be carrying the opening round and quarterfinals of the ACC Tournament this Thursday and Friday.

The bad news, for soap fans, is that this means your soaps won’t air. But wait: even this “bad news” isn’t as bad as you might think! Continue reading

Time Warner Cable Adds Live 5+

LIVE 5+ WCSC’s new second channel, will be available to Time Warner Cable customers starting today.

Time Warner joins Comcast Cable, Knology Cable and Home Television Cable in carrying LIVE 5+, which features a variety of syndicated programs, rebroadcasts of LIVE 5 NEWS, and sports.

Starting today, Time Warner Cable customers will find LIVE 5+ on channel 811.

More Cable Customers Getting Live 5+

Our second channel, Live 5+, will now be carried on the Home Telephone Cable system starting Tuesday, January 26th.

Customers are likely to need a cable box to get the channel, but will be able to find it on channel 116.

Live 5+ carries an array of programs, from entertainment shows like INSIDE EDITION and THE INSIDER to sitcoms like MY WIFE AND KIDS, GEORGE LOPEZ and MY NAME IS EARL, and reality shows like STORM STORIES and AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS.

The second channel debuted on January 18th. In addition to Home Telephone, it can be found on WCSC Digital 5.2, Comcast Cable Channel 212 and Knology Cable Channel 146.

This Saturday is Game Day on Live 5+

If you’re a fan of NCAA Basketball, Live 5+, our second channel, is the station to watch this Saturday.

Starting at noon, it’s SEC action with Mississippi State and Alabama.

Then at 2:00pm, the Buckeyes take on the ninth-ranked Mountaineers.

And at 4:00pm, Texas hopes to bounce back against the Huskies.

See all three match-ups on Live 5+. Find us on WCSC 5.2, or Comcast Cable channel 212 or Knology Cable channel 146. If you’re a satellite viewer without a digital tuner on your television that’s capable of tuning in to WCSC 5.2 off-air, call your satellite provider and tell them you want to see Live 5+!

The Blue Devils Take on the Wolfpack, Tonight on Live 5+

Duke and NC State hit the court tonight at 9:00pm and Live 5+ will bring you all of the action.

Duke is looking for its third consecutive win, having just defeated Wake Forest on Sunday. NC State just lost to Clemson on Saturday.

Historically, Duke has the advantage in this match-up. Tune in tonight at 9:00pm to see all the action on Live 5+.