‘Forever Jones’ Premieres Tonight on Bounce Charleston

Can faith and family bring fame and fortune?

That question is the focus of FOREVER JONES, a new original reality series premiering tonight (Wed., 6/5) at 9pm on our third channel, BOUNCE CHARLESTON.

ForeverJonesThe show follows the Grammy-Award-nominated gospel group struggling to make it to superstardom. But success doesn’t come so easily.

In the premiere episode, the group is flying high as the family looks to win Best Contemporary Group/Duo at the Stellar Awards, until a record label fails to meet the group’s expectations. Already, there are challenges at home that threaten the band’s future.

Upcoming episodes will spotlight the ongoing pressure to make each next single a success and one family member’s temptation to chase a music career rather than going back to school. Tempers will flare as technical problems threaten a performance.

At every turn, the family must decide whether it can live and work together.

Don’t miss the premiere, tonight at 9pm on BOUNCE CHARLESTON. See it on WCSC channel 5.3, on Comcast 213, or Home Telecom 113.


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