Devastating Tornadoes Delay ‘Mike & Molly’ Season Finale

MIKE&MOLLYCBS made a last-minute decision to pull Monday night’s scheduled third season finale of the hit sitcom MIKE & MOLLY in the wake of the massive tornadoes that killed dozens in Oklahoma.

That episode’s plotline included a tornado, and the network decided it would be insensitive to storm victims to run it as scheduled. In the finale, the two lead characters, Mike and Molly, confess important news to each other as a tornado threatens Chicago.

On Monday, a powerful, 200-mph tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma. Two hospitals confirmed to CBS News they were treating a total of 140 injured individuals, including at least 50 hurt children.

It was one of several twisters from a major storm system.

There’s no word, yet, on when the season finale will be rescheduled. CBS has only said that it will air the show, titled, “Windy City,” at an “appropriate time.”


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