Fired News Anchor to Visit Letterman

It wasn’t a great first day on the job, but at least it’s getting him a guest shot on THE LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN.

A.J. Clemente was about to make his debut as co-anchor at a Bismarck, North Dakota television station, but didn’t realize his microphone was on at the top of Sunday night’s newscast.

lettermanWhat happened next quickly became a viral video sensation: Clemente uttered some profanities as he struggled practicing a pronunciation. He later sent out a Twitter message that he’d been suspended. By Monday, he revealed he’d been fired from his new job.

Clemente will be one of Letterman’s guests on tonight’s show, along with actress Kate Hudson and musical guest Selena Gomez.

Catch his appearance tonight at 11:35pm, immediately following LIVE 5 NEWS AT 11.

Do you think he should have lost his job over the mistake or should he have been given a second chance?


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