Moss to Tape Final Scenes on ‘B&B’

After a quarter century, Ronn Moss is leaving THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Moss’s character, Ridge Forrester, has been a central core character since the program’s premiere in 1987 and Moss himself is one of only four original cast members still on the program.

That changes after today, when Moss tapes his final scenes.

But wait, haven’t we heard this before from other soaps? Is there really ever such a thing as finality where a soap opera star is concerned? (At least, as long as the show is still on the air?)

Probably not, though in this particular case, it certainly sounds like a legitimate parting of ways.

Entertainment Weekly reported on Friday that Moss, 60, decided to leave the show over “salary issues.”

On Monday, Brad Bell, B&B’s head writer and executive producer, told TV Guide he didn’t see the departure coming.

“And it came out of the blue. I only found out last Thursday [Aug. 9] about Ronn’s decision not to renew.”

There’s no word, yet, on how Ridge Forrester’s disappearance will be handled on the show. Given that they apparently had so little notice on Moss’s decision, it’s possible that they may recast the role since his character remains heavily involved in the show’s plotlines.

Or, he may take a page from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS‘s Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) and simply decide it’s time for a sudden vacation and just disappear for a while.

Bell seems to make it clear, however, that he has no intention of killing off the character, or even allowing the character to be “presumed dead.”

Moss’s final appearance will air on September 14th on Live 5 WCSC.

His departure leaves only three original cast members still on the show: Susan Flannery, who plays Stephanie Forrester; John McCook, who portrays Eric Forrester; and Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays Brooke Logan Forrester.

What happens after that…well, we’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.


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