Live 5 WCSC to Remain on AT&T U-Verse Lineup For Now

Just to clear up any confusion from an errant post earlier: Live 5 WCSC will remain on the AT&T U-Verse service because of a temporary extension agreed to by both parties. Here is the statement from yesterday:

As you know, Live 5 WCSC has been negotiating with AT&T U-Verse to reach a fair, market-based agreement for carriage of our station. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached an agreement.

However, we have agreed to an extension until February 29. As a result, Live 5 WCSC will remain available on AT&T U-Verse as we continue to negotiate. Our goal is to reach an agreement and there will be no interruption of your service.

Please continue to check back here regularly for further updates.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your support and your viewership.

All of us at Live 5 WCSC wish you the happiest of new years!