CBS Cancels Three Freshmen Series

Three series that made their debut this season have gotten the ax from CBS.

S#*! MY DAD SAYS, which starred William Shatner as a cantankerous father full of clever things to say, was one of the first shows to wrap up its season commitment, and quietly disappeared from the schedule months ago.  The show was based on a wildly popular Twitter feed, but never got the huge audience executives would have hoped a big name like Shatner might deliver.

After 19 episodes, the legal drama THE DEFENDERS is also out.  Though it initially performed well on its Wednesday night premiere slot, when the network moved the show to Friday nights, that changed.  The show featured Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi as Las Vegas lawyers who take a lot of the more offbeat cases that most attorneys would pass on.

And one of the network’s newest sitcoms, midseason replacement MAD LOVE, starring Jason Biggs, won’t be back next season.  Its finale airs tonight on LIVE 5 WCSC.

TV Squad reports that there are still several CBS shows whose fate isn’t known, yet, including CSI:NY, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, and HAWAII FIVE-0.

The Network is expected to present its official new season schedule to advertisers this Wednesday, so we’ll keep you updated on the fate of other shows currently on the schedule.


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