Live 5 WCSC Planning Third Channel This Fall

Later this year, Lowcountry viewers will have another new channel of programming to choose from.  The newly-formed Bounce TV Network, which is targeted to the African-American audience, is set to launch this fall.

Bounce TV received its first major carriage deal with Raycom, the parent company of Live 5 WCSC last week.    That one deal alone will put the new network in 10 percent of US homes.  Executives expect their network to reach at least half of the country by the time it begins broadcasting.

In addition to the Charleston market, Raycom will carry Bounce TV in 25 other local markets, including Columbia, Myrtle Beach-Florence and Charlotte.

“Bounce TV is the right network at the right time for our stations,” Raycom president-CEO Paul McTear said in a statement.  “Bounce TV will allow us to better serve our communities, giving underserved African-American consumers a new local television brand designed specifically for them while also providing our local stations an ideal companion network for their digital spectrum.”

We’ll update you with details about programming on the new channel and a start date in the coming weeks.


2 thoughts on “Live 5 WCSC Planning Third Channel This Fall

    • At present, unfortunately, BOUNCE CHARLESTON is not on the DirecTV lineup. We’d love for it to be there, but that’s a decision that they must make. Your best bet would be to contact DirecTV and request that they add BOUNCE CHARLESTON to their lineup: they would certainly be more willing to listen to a paying customer’s request!

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