CBS Cuts Ties with 60-Year-Old TV Franchise

CBS has parted ways with the HALLMARK HALL OF FAME, a legendary television movie franchise that began in 1951, according to MediaPost.

The greeting card maker reportedly passed on the network’s offer to air the films on more of an “as needed” basis, preferring the current three-times-a-year deal they had. But CBS, which already has a successful Sunday night lineup, sometimes has a problem justifying pre-empting that lineup for a one-time telefilm.

The HALLMARK HALL OF FAME began on NBC, where it stayed for 30 years before switching over to ABC and CBS. Its current partnership with CBS has lasted for sixteen years.

Its most recent offering, “Beyond the Blackboard,” aired on Live 5 WCSC on April 24th and told the story of a young teacher whose first job takes place in a homeless shelter that has been converted into a classroom for students between the ages of six and 12.

In 60 years, more than 240 films have been produced, earning the company 80 Emmy awards, nine Golden Globes, 11 Peabody Awards and others.

Hallmark is reportedly shopping its movie package elsewhere.


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