Mark Your Calendars! Season Finales Are On the Way!

With the start of May comes a parade of season finales of your favorite sitcoms and dramas. You’ll also see cliffhangers and a few surprises along the way, too.

Here’s a quick rundown of when to catch the final new episodes of the season for some of your most-watched shows.

UNDERCOVER BOSS wrapped up its season on Sunday, with the University of California (Riverside) Chancellor Timothy White heading back into the classroom.

Next Sunday, May 8th, THE AMAZING RACE‘s final four teams race through Rio de Janeiro and then to Miami where the $1 million winner will be revealed. That will be a two-hour special starting at 8pm.

Also that night at 10pm, CSI: MIAMI wraps up its season, with Horatio finally capturing the last prison escapee just in time to see their transport plane crash. Two CSIs will find themselves in a life-threatening situation. (But don’t expect your Insider to tell you which two or what happens next!)

On Thursday, May 12th, CSI‘s Langston is drawn into a final showdown with serial killer Nate Haskell. That airs at 9pm.

The following night at 10pm, BLUE BLOODS closes its season with a drug bust pointing to the Blue Templar, the dirty cops responsible for Frank’s son’s death, and the Reagan family taking matters into their own hands.

SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND has a very interesting twist planned for its big finale night, starting at 8pm on May 15th: for the first time in the series’ history, there will be eight remaining castaways in the two-hour finale. That will be followed by a one-hour reunion show.

Monday, May 16th brings us four season finales! Starting at 8pm, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER‘s Ted ends up being best man at the wedding where he actually meets his future wife. But will we really know which one is the one?

At 8:30pm, Kate’s ex reveals shocking secrets that could put her relationship with Ben in jeopardy, while Connie and Larry’s fake date takes a real turn, on the last MAD LOVE of the season. Martin Mull makes a guest appearance.

At 9:00pm, MIKE & MOLLY has a one-hour season finale (likely because of the hole left by the suspended TWO AND A HALF MEN). Mike winds up tongue-tied when his mother’s new beau asks if he and Molly are planning a wedding.

Then at 10pm, HAWAII FIVE-0 features McGarrett confronting arch nemesis Wo Fat, which could mark the end of the Five-0 unit.

All three shows on Tuesday, May 17th are wrapping up their seasons. On NCIS, at 8pm, the lives of the team are in danger when they confront the infamous Port-to-Port killer. At 8:30pm, Hetty’s sudden resignation prompts the team to uncover a reason, only to get a big surprise about her current status, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES. Then at 10pm, on THE GOOD WIFE, Alicia and Kalinda must work together, despite their tense relationship, to prove their client’s innocence in a murder trial.

CRIMINAL MINDS wraps up on May 18th, as the team searches for a suspected human trafficking ring, and J.J. rejoins them.

Thursday, May 19th starts off at 8:00pm with BIG BANG THEORY‘s season finale. Bernadette receives her PhD, and the guys take pleasure in reminding Wolowitz that he’s the only one in their group who isn’t a doctor. Meanwhile Sheldon ends up with a new roommate following someone overhearing a science-fiction themed bedroom fantasy.

At 8:30pm that night, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT wraps up for the season as Russell books a cruise full of “red hot” ladies…but things don’t exactly go as he expected.

At 9pm, a special two-hour MENTALIST shuts down for the season as Red John’s mole in the team is revealed and Jane finally meets Red John in an explosive confrontation.

The last big season finale of the month happens the following Wednesday, May 25th, at 10pm: CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR has Cooper and the team tracking a serial killer who’s randomly killing people in crowded areas. A member of the team ends up getting abducted.

So those are the big dates for these special shows. Don’t miss any of them, because it’ll be a long time until the new season kicks off in September!


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