The Price is Right to Celebrate Music, Dance in May

It’ll be more than hot cars burning up the stage at THE PRICE IS RIGHT for two episodes this month. Televisions longest-running game show will feature music and dance as a way to help give away great prizes.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT will feature guest stars from the Broadway musical “Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles,” on Wednesday, May 4th. Those singers will serve as the game show’s “house band” of the day, playing Beatles songs from three different eras, complete with costume changes.

During the show, they’ll attempt to give away a trip to New York City where a contestant will be able to see their show. Showcases on that episode will also have a Beatles theme, including a trip to London, a tour of Abby Road and a Porsche Boxter.

Then on Thursday, May 12th, members of the “Burn the Floor” dance troup will appear, performing stage dances that will help introduce trips to Amsterdam, Spain and Rio de Janeiro. They’ll also offer private dance lessons from members of the cast to a lucky winner.

“Burn the Floor’s” cast includes American Idol season four finalist Vonzell Solomon and So You Think You Can Dance alumni Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT airs weekdays at 11:00am on LIVE 5 WCSC, followed by LIVE 5 NEWS AT NOON.


One thought on “The Price is Right to Celebrate Music, Dance in May

  1. your show should be called THE PRICE IS WHITE I have vowed never to watch this show again and would hope all people that are fair minded do the same .

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