Vandross’s ‘Moment’ Returns to the NCAA Tourney

Luther Vandross’s version of “One Shining Moment” will wrap up this year’s coverage of the NCAA National Championship, replacing the version by Jennifer Hudson.

Hudson’s remake, ironically, replaced the late Vandross’s rendition last year.

CBS Sports is reinstating the more familiar edition following what has been described as “widespread disapproval” of Hudson’s work.

Your Live 5 Insider didn’t find anything so terrible about her vocals. But we agree with some complaints that we didn’t need to see her during the song: it was supposed to be about the athletes, not the singer. Still, the fact that she was shown in the edited piece isn’t her fault so much as whoever put the shots of her in.

Still, when you’re used to seeing the emotion of the victories and defeats along the way edited to Vandross, it’s hard to find anyone else who can quite hit the notes the way he could.

Catch Vandross’s performance tonight after the conclusion of tonight’s National Championship Game, featuring the Butler Bulldogs and the Connecticut Huskies. CBS coverage begins at 8:00pm.


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