The Price is Right to Celebrate Music, Dance in May

It’ll be more than hot cars burning up the stage at THE PRICE IS RIGHT for two episodes this month. Televisions longest-running game show will feature music and dance as a way to help give away great prizes.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT will feature guest stars from the Broadway musical “Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles,” on Wednesday, May 4th. Those singers will serve as the game show’s “house band” of the day, playing Beatles songs from three different eras, complete with costume changes.

During the show, they’ll attempt to give away a trip to New York City where a contestant will be able to see their show. Showcases on that episode will also have a Beatles theme, including a trip to London, a tour of Abby Road and a Porsche Boxter.

Then on Thursday, May 12th, members of the “Burn the Floor” dance troup will appear, performing stage dances that will help introduce trips to Amsterdam, Spain and Rio de Janeiro. They’ll also offer private dance lessons from members of the cast to a lucky winner.

“Burn the Floor’s” cast includes American Idol season four finalist Vonzell Solomon and So You Think You Can Dance alumni Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT airs weekdays at 11:00am on LIVE 5 WCSC, followed by LIVE 5 NEWS AT NOON.


‘Price’ Names New Announcer

After months of auditions, THE PRICE IS RIGHT has finally named its newest permanent announcer: Emmy-nominated host and comedian George Gray.

Gray started his career as a stand-up comic and is probably best known as the host of the syndicated version of The Weakest Link.

“I’m really excited to join THE PRICE IS RIGHT family,” Gray said. “Being only the fourth full-time announcer in 39 years is an amazing honor. As my dad always liked to say, ‘No pressure.'”

Gray replaces Rich Fields, whose contract was not renewed at the end of last season. Fields had been brought in to replace the late Rod Roddy, whose flashy sequined and silk jackets had been a staple of the program since the mid-1980s.

Roddy replaced the late Johnny Olson, the show’s original announcer, still regarded by many as one of the greatest announcers in the history of TV. It was Olson who Bob Barker credited as the man who made, “Come on Down!” a part of Americana.

You can catch Gray on THE PRICE IS RIGHT, weekday mornings at 11am, followed by LIVE 5 NEWS AT NOON.

Veteran Soap Star Joins ‘Y&R’

Daytime legend Genie Francis will join the cast of television’s #1 drama, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

The actress is known for her long-running role of Laura Spencer on ABC’s General Hospital, from 1977 until 2008. Her character was half of the Luke and Laura power couple whose marriage was one of daytime television’s most-watched events.

On Y&R, she will portray the long-lost mother of Ethan “Cane”Ashby. Cane was killed in a shooting in February but has been haunting the town of Genoa City ever since.

Cane’s father, Colin Atkinson, is being played by Tristan Rogers, who is also a former star from General Hospital.

Her first appearance on the show comes towards the end of May.

CBS to Conduct ‘Big Brother’ Casting Call in Charleston

If you’d like to try outlasting a group of strangers who are forced to live together in a house where there’s no privacy and in which you are being watched and recorded 24/7, then this might be the opportunity of a lifetime!

The hit CBS reality show BIG BROTHER is looking for contestants here in the Lowcountry, and next month, casting producers will make a stop in the Holy City. Continue reading

Vandross’s ‘Moment’ Returns to the NCAA Tourney

Luther Vandross’s version of “One Shining Moment” will wrap up this year’s coverage of the NCAA National Championship, replacing the version by Jennifer Hudson.

Hudson’s remake, ironically, replaced the late Vandross’s rendition last year.

CBS Sports is reinstating the more familiar edition following what has been described as “widespread disapproval” of Hudson’s work.

Your Live 5 Insider didn’t find anything so terrible about her vocals. But we agree with some complaints that we didn’t need to see her during the song: it was supposed to be about the athletes, not the singer. Still, the fact that she was shown in the edited piece isn’t her fault so much as whoever put the shots of her in.

Still, when you’re used to seeing the emotion of the victories and defeats along the way edited to Vandross, it’s hard to find anyone else who can quite hit the notes the way he could.

Catch Vandross’s performance tonight after the conclusion of tonight’s National Championship Game, featuring the Butler Bulldogs and the Connecticut Huskies. CBS coverage begins at 8:00pm.

It’s Official…Sort of.

An unnamed CBS source confirmed over the weekend that Katie Couric will leave her CBS EVENING NEWS anchor slot.

I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself from the shock of that announcement.

Couric, who has been rumored to be “this close” to leaving for more than a year now, hasn’t announced any official plans. The source, who spoke to the Associated Press anonymously because Couric has made no such announcement, couldn’t provide a date that Couric would step down or the name of her replacement.

Her contract expires in early June. Speculation of late has placed 60 MINUTES correspondent Scott Pelley as the leading contender to replace her. But there’s also Harry Smith, who left CBS’s EARLY SHOW in January to become the primary substitute anchor for Couric, Bob Schieffer on FACE THE NATION and Charles Osgood on SUNDAY MORNING.

Russ Mitchell may also be an internal candidate, the AP reports.

But even with three solid options in-house, that doesn’t mean that CBS wouldn’t seriously consider bringing in someone from outside CBS News.

So we’re left with only a slightly more credible story that the 54-year-old Couric’s tenure on the evening newscast is coming to an end.

Some time. Likely soon.

Or not.