Soap Updates for Friday, March 11th

LIVE 5 WCSC aired the ACC BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT today, moving the CBS Daytime lineup to our second channel, LIVE 5+.

For those of you who missed today’s episodes of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, here’s what happened:


Sharon enlists Paul to help locate Adam.

Deacon’s plan against Meggie works! Nikki gets a call from Meggie, who baits her to come to the jail. Nikki finally realizes the truth about Deacon.

Jack informs Phyllis of Billy’s article about the return of the Abbotts to Jabot. Kyle informs Phyllis of the news of Victor and Diane. After Nick and Diane discuss Victor, Nick receives something suggesting he’s been fired. Jack pays Nick a visit to convince him to join in his plan.

In the jet, Michael brings a prenuptial agreement, which Diane signs on one condition. Word of Victor and Diane spreads quickly as they continue their ceremony.

Adam enters a bar in a foreign country and sits next to someone familiar.


Stephanie reminds Taylor that she is happily married to Whip.

While making a care package to send to Marcus in Paris, Dayzee assures Thomas that neither of her current relationships are exclusive. Taylor admonishes Brooke about her seemingly-inappropriate bond with Thomas.


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