Soap Updates for Thursday, March 10th

LIVE 5 WCSC aired the ACC BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT today, moving the CBS Daytime lineup to our second channel, LIVE 5+.

For those of you who missed today’s episodes of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, here’s what happened:


When Nick discovers Nikki has moved in with Deacon he confronts her.  Meggie threatens to expose her relationship with Deacon if he doesn’t get her out of jail.  He arrives at the jail and puts into motion a detailed plan for Meggie.

After conversing with Reed via computer, Victoria expresses her worries to Billy that she could end up like her father.  She then surprises him with a sexy ensemble.  Victor tries to convince Diane to elope to Las Vegas but Diane admits that she saw Nikki at the ranch. Kay arrives to pay condolences to Victor about the lawsuit.  Diane gets Kyle’s opinion about Victor, and later runs into Nick on her way to the jet.

Nikki admits to Kay that she and Victor made love, but reiterates her feelings for Deacon.


Taylor makes another attempt to get Stephanie to take her side about pulling the plug on the Taboo line and about Brooke’s true nature.

Stephanie’s initial reaction is to defend Brooke, but Taylor’s case against her is too great to overlook. Thomas asks Steffy for support after he confesses to her about kissing Brooke on their trip back from Paris.


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