CBS Soaps Move to 5+ During ACC Tourney

While Live 5 WCSC airs the ACC Basketball Tournament on Thursday and Friday, daytime programming including THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, THE TALK and LET’S MAKE A DEAL will move to our second channel, Live 5+.

Live 5+ can be found over the air on WCSC channel 5.2, or on local cable systems: we’re on Comcast channel 212, Knology 146, Home Telecom 116 and Time Warner 111.

The shows will air in their usual times on the secondary channel for those two days; on Monday, they will return to our primary channel.

Then, on Thursday and Friday of the following week, the soaps will not be broadcast at all because of CBS coverage of MARCH MADNESS.

The difference comes from the fact that Live 5 WCSC has a contract to air the ACC tournament this week, which is not being carried by the CBS Network itself. Since some CBS stations are not airing the ACC Tournament, CBS is broadcasting the soaps. But next week, when the Network itself is covering MARCH MADNESS, it will simply hold those soap episodes until the following Monday, so you won’t miss anything.

This Thursday and Friday, if you don’t have access to Live 5+, you can find summaries of what happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL here at the LIVE 5 INSIDER blog after 6:00pm on the day of air.


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