‘Price is Right’ Offers Home Viewer Showcase

All this week, THE PRICE IS RIGHT is returning to its roots, resurrecting the concept of a Home Viewer Showcase.

To play, viewers will have to register online at the show’s official website, priceisright.com.  The show will display two prizes each day this week and given the actual retail price for one of the two.

Viewers will then bid on the total value of the showcase at the website at the end of the week.

The 10 prizes being offered include a new car, a lavish beach vacation, a luxury watch, high-end kitchen appliances, a laptop computer, a celebrity-designed living room collection, a VIP sports vacation and other modern day indulgences.

Whoever bids closest without going over wins the showcase; if there is a tie, a drawing will decide the winner.

One of the featured prizes each day will be announced some time during game play.  The second prize will be shown during the actual Showcase round.

If you miss a prize reveal, they will also be posted after the program airs at priceisright.com.

Home Viewer Showcases began in the original version of the series, which ran in the last 1950s and early 1960s on NBC and ABC.  Viewers were invited to send postcards with their bids for a showcase of prizes.

Over the years in the current version, several Home Viewer Showcases were offered, usually around Christmastime.


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