Sheen Saga Continues

Today was the day actor Charlie Sheen was supposed to return to the set of Warner Brothers’ TWO AND A HALF MEN begin shooting the final four episodes of the season.

What a difference a week makes.

After two calls to radio programs, CBS and Warner announced that they were pulling the plug on the series for the rest of the season, citing concerns about Sheen’s comments and condition.

But Sheen didn’t stop there.  Over the weekend, he agreed to tape an interview with ABC for a prime time program airing this week on that network. After that interview was recorded, and, ABC says, after Sheen had promised them an “exclusive,” he decided to do an interview with NBC.

NBC aired its interview on its Today show; ABC was scheduled to air excerpts of their interview on their Good Morning America.

CBS is airing a repeat episode of the wildly-popular program tonight, having aired its last original episode on Valentine’s Day.

The actor told NBC’s Jeff Rossen that he wanted a raise to come back to work for a ninth season.  Sheen, who already makes an estimated $1.8 million per episode, said he wanted to be paid $3 million per show.  When Rossen acted surprised, Sheen replied, “Yeah, look what they put me through.”


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