Live 5 WCSC Holding Antenna Giveaway

Still having trouble adjusting to digital television? Live 5 WCSC is holding a free over-the-air digital TV antenna giveaway on Wednesday.

It’ll happen right outside our main studios on Charlie Hall Boulevard in West Ashley at lunchtime.

A DTV Education bus making stops across the country will pull into the Lowcountry with $15,000 worth of antennas to give away. From 10:30am until 12:30pm (and while supplies last) visitors will receive an antenna and get information on how to use them. You’ll also be able to ask questions you have about digital television.

For some families hit hard by the economy, they haven’t been able to afford a digital antenna, but are also facing the decision to end their cable or satellite service to cut monthly costs.

Families without newer digital television sets would not receive any local stations without an antenna if they discontinued their cable or satellite service.


2 thoughts on “Live 5 WCSC Holding Antenna Giveaway

  1. This was done in November, West Ashley. Why not other towns? Summerville, Moncks Corner, St. Stephen, Bonneau, Pineville, Alvin, Lanes, Salters, etc. These are the folks that really need some assistance. Cable and Dish companies should assist people, especially the Seniors who can’t afford cable, and don’t have computers.

    • Glodee, it was done in West Ashley because that’s where our station is. The giant bus was set up in front of our station. We certainly weren’t trying to exclude anyone else, but the tour bus preferred to set up at our location.

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