NYT: CBS ‘on a roll’ in new season

CBS is a network that’s on a roll.

That’s according to a recent article over at the New York Times.  Here at Live 5 WCSC, a longtime CBS affiliate, we’re happy to agree with that.  But you probably already assumed that.

“So far, CBS has managed to avoid, on every night, across every hour of prime time, the kind of failure that has visited all of its main competitors,” the article begins.

But what’s really interesting, it adds, is that the group of viewers the network has struggled to maintain in the past several years, Adults 18-49, a very attractive group for advertisers, is also returning.

While Fox has already canceled its Lone Star, and ABC pulled the plug on My Generation, two new CBS Monday night shows, the much-hyped HAWAII-FIVE-0 and the sitcom MIKE & MOLLY, have already done so well that NYT predicts they’re already “shoo-ins” for full-season orders.

That’s quite an accomplishment for a television series, particularly nowadays when shows can literally premiere one week and disappear forever the following week.

And all of us here, and at CBS stations across the country, thank you for watching, to make such accomplishments possible!


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