A week of Y&R classic episodes

CBS’s THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS will air twice a day all this week, with an encore presentation of a classic episode airing in the show’s second slot at 2:00pm.

That 2:00pm slot was vacated last month by AS THE WORLD TURNS, which left the air after 54 years.  Next week, the slot will become the home of THE TALK, a talk show format featuring six moms discussing issues of the day in a program similar to ABC’s The View.

Here’s a look at what to expect in this week’s bonus episodes:

Monday’s encore episode was originally broadcast on March 26, 2009 and was the 36th anniversary episode.  In this show, Kay is stunned by Murphy’s proposal, and Jill and Nikki have an intense confrontation over a DNA test that could prove that Kay, thought to be dead, is really who she says she is.

On Tuesday, originally broadcast in April of 2009, Billy and Chloe walk down the aisle, only to be interrupted by Mackenzie’s arrival in Genoa City.  Jill and Kay fight it out with the wedding cake and Phyllis bullies Sharon.  (Some things never change.)

On Wednesday, you can see the New Year’s Eve episode from 2009, in which a drunken Billy is taken on an unusual journey by his deceased father, John.

Thursday’s episode takes you back to December 9th of 2005, where super-villain Sheila Carter stalks newlyweds Michael and Lauren.

And on Friday, the April 4, 2010 episode has Lauren learning the truth about her abductor’s motives as Jana is at the brink of a life-threatening battle.

Of course, we’ll be airing new episodes of the show in its normal 12:30pm time slot.


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