Cast Changes Coming for Fall

Sean Murray, the fifth of five actors who were in the middle of negotiating contracts for the upcoming season of CBS’s NCIS, has signed on the dotted line, which means that the entire cast of that show will be back in the fall.

But that’s not the case for a few other shows.

Eddie Cibrian, who just joined the cast of Monday night’s CSI: MIAMI last year, was told his contract wasn’t being renewed.  Cibrian was considered a replacement for Adam Rodriguez.  Rodriguez is returning to the series full time this fall.  Reports suggest that the producers of the show want to focus on the core team for its ninth season on the air.

Producers of CRIMINAL MINDS found themselves in a firestorm of controversy when enraged fans learned that actress A.J. Cook would not be back and that Paget Brewster was likely to be featured in far fewer episodes.  Cook’s departure, sources say, has been blamed on budgetary issues.

But that explanation doesn’t satisfy fans of the FBI drama, who point to the recent pay raise of TWO AND A HALF MEN‘s Charlie Sheen.  Of course, there are two different production companies involved, but the fans circulating a petition to get the two actresses reinstated fulltime want their favorite characters back with no arguments.

To that end, they’re organizing a campaign that involves fans sending decorated manila folders and tubes of lipstick to CBS, a similar tactic used by fans of the former CBS show, JERICHO.  In that latter case, fans embraced a single line of dialog, “Nuts,” from the series that occurred just before a dramatic moment, and bombarded the network with packages of peanuts when the series was canceled.  It did result in CBS changing its mind, but the series went away once again after its second chance at life still couldn’t muster the ratings it needed.

It’ll be interesting to see how much momentum their campaign gets, and how much of an impact it’ll have on the actresses future.


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