Wagner’s Final Appearance on Today’s World Turns

Longtime fans of the CBS Soap AS THE WORLD TURNS will definitely want to watch today’s show.  It will mark the final appearance of Nancy Hughes, played by Helen Wagner, who passed away on May 1st.

Wagner was the only remaining original cast member of the 54-year-old soap opera, and spoke the first lines — “Good morning, dear.” — on the first show in 1956.  Over the years, she has been one of the rare soap characters who didn’t stray from her own moral rules; as the years went by, her upright character was mostly relegated to smaller scenes in which she could give much-needed guidance to the younger, wilder characters in the fictional Oakdale, Illinois.

In today’s episode, according to CBS advance synopses, Wagner’s Nancy appears in a scene with Katie, who is in need of some love advice.

AS THE WORLD TURNS is scheduled to leave the airwaves this September. There is no word as yet on how — or if — Wagner’s death will be incorporated into the plot, although many fans have suggested that since she started the show, her passing might make an appropriate ending.

Today’s episode airs at 2:00pm on LIVE 5 WCSC.


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