Soap Fans: Here’s What You Missed

Most of today’s episode of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and all of today’s THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL were pre-empted today by live CBS News coverage of President Obama’s news conference on the Gulf oil spill.

But there is good news:  CBS made special arrangements to feed the shows to us so that we could rebroadcast them overnight.  So set your DVRs:  Y&R will play at 3:10am, and B&B will play at 4:10am.

For those of you unable to record the shows at this time, we’re posting a summary of the episodes.  Warning:  Spoilers after the jump!

While Billy makes breakfast, he and Victoria tease each other as they get to know one another better. Victoria comes across their wedding video that was emailed to Billy.

Jana gives Ryder a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and asks if she can continue visiting him. He is the only person she knows that isn’t waiting for her to revert back to the person she used to be. Daniel asks Kevin what his take is on Abby and admits that they kissed. Kevin says Daniel needs to talk to Amber before he moves forward with anything else.

Abby meets with Kent and they come up with an idea to give Billy an exclusive uncut video in order to ramp up Abby’s appeal. Kevin asks if Daniel wants a divorce. Daniel isn’t sure but it’s clear that he doesn’t know what he wants.

Phyllis and Sharon bring the missing poster of Hightower back to the diner. They show the manager who remembers her immediately from the night of the policeman’s ball. Victor and Nick meet with Richard Hightower’s sister and son. They show Justin a photo of Adam. Justin says Adam saved Richard’s life. Nick isn’t sure that they are on the right track thinking that Hightower killed Adam.

Amber calls Daniel and says she and Eric are in Ojai and that she is putting Eric in boarding school while she looks for a job. Daniel insists she should come back to Genoa City.

Abby stops by Restless Style and offers Billy an uncut exclusive for the website. Billy turns her down. Later, Abby is on Billy’s computer about to send an email posing as him, when she finds his wedding video.

Amber informs Daniel that Eric is still her first priority. They finally both admit that their marriage is over and say goodbye.

Paul informs everyone Adam donated bone marrow to save Hightower’s life because he had leukemia.

Stephanie attempts to contain her enthusiasm about the likelihood that she and Eric will reconcile. Eric promises his family that the dinner party will remind them of the glory days of Forrester Creations. The Forrester clan anticipates that the evening will entail their parents reuniting. Hope shares with Brooke the recent developments in her relationship with Oliver.


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