Conan O’Brien to Break Silence on 60 Minutes

When Conan O’Brien left NBC after being told he’d have to move his Tonight Show back one half hour under a plan that would have moved Jay Leno back to late night, part of his severance deal prohibited him from conducting interviews about the situation until May 1st.

Sunday is May 2nd.

And it’s also the date that 60 MINUTES gets O’Brien’s first interview since leaving his show.

O’Brien is currently on a 32-city tour and recently signed a deal to bring a new late-night show to TBS.

Further restrictions as part of O’Brien’s reported $32 million severance package, according to The Wrap, prevent him from disparaging his former network and Jay Leno, but CBS’s Steve Kroft says O’Brien “flirts” with those restrictions.

But don’t expect a lot of extra promos with O’Brien for the weekly newsmagazine: since the promos will air before May 1st, CBS isn’t allowed to use O’Brien’s face in promoting his appearance. It’ll be interesting to see how the Network handles that.

You can see O’Brien’s interview this Sunday night at 7:00pm on LIVE 5 WCSC.


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