Soap Catches Flak for Look-Alike Storylines

No one ever said that the things depicted in a soap opera always have to be realistic, did they?

No. Didn’t think so.

This hasn’t stopped CBS’s THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS from getting criticism from longtime fans over a pair of storylines that feature two characters who are dopplegangers for two other characters on the show (and played by the same two actresses).

It started when the all-powerful Victor Newman brought in a mystery woman in a revenge plot against his longtime nemesis Jack Abbott. Over time, viewers learned that this woman was actually Abbott’s ex-wife, Patty Williams, who had been off the soap’s canvas for years. Bringing back old characters, a tip of the hat to the show’s own history, is often a good thing for longtime viewers.

Until Patty’s psychiatrist, Dr. Emily Peterson, arrived in Genoa City. Peterson was played by the same actress portraying Williams, and it was explained that Williams — with Victor’s help — had plastic surgery to remake herself to look like her beloved doctor and fool everyone.

But where could you ever find a plastic surgeon who could make one person look like another person’s identical twin?

Believe your Insider: if there were a way, there are a few friends I wouldn’t mind looking a lot more like!

But wait: it gets better…or worse, depending on your point of view.

Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin, another longtime character on Y&R, started seeing signs that her former nemesis, Shiela, might not be dead after all. After being abducted through an elaborate plotline involving her brother-in-law’s secret half-siblings, her true tormentor was revealed: Sheila’s sister, Sarah, who had a similar makeover to look just like — you guessed it — Lauren.

This was too much for some fans of the show, who left comments on soap message boards complaining that this was the most unlikely scenario that could possibly be conceived.

But it turns out there was a reason for the “coincidence:” Sarah had been Patty’s nurse in South America, where the magic makeover had been performed, and after Sarah saw how completely Patty’s transformation to Emily’s look-alike had been, she decided to have her own to exact revenge against the woman she blamed for her sister’s death.

That makes all the difference, right?

The two doubles now appear to be making an alliance with each other that could increase the havoc in an already havoc-filled town.

So what do you think abou these storylines? Are they a really creative series of twists that keep you coming back for more to see how it will wrap up, or do those scenes have you reaching for the remote?

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, as I’m sure you know, airs weekdays at 12:30pm on LIVE 5 WCSC, and has been daytime’s number one soap since about 1911. (Okay, so that last part was an exaggeration…but it’s been number one for a long, long time.)


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