Tuesday’s Prime Time Buzz

Here’s tonight’s prime time buzz:

Tonight at 8:00: With the team’s help, Vance faces his demons while uncovering a complex relationship with a killer that puts his whole family in danger, on NCIS.

Tonight at 9:00: As the courtyard is being transformed with holiday decorations, the NCIS team races to solve the murder of a Marine by an exploding cell phone and to find the remaining men of his former EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) unit before another deadly explosion kills someone else, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

Tonight at 10:00: Alicia gleans a bit more information about Peter’s fall from grace when she represents Glenn Childs’ wife, Marie Browning, in their divorce.  Meanwhile,  Will gets cozy with his opposing counsel, Emily, during a wrongful death suit against caustic TV commentator Duke Rosco, on THE GOOD WIFE.

Tonight at 11:35 on THE LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN: Actor Luke Wilson; Pam Stout, president of the Sandpoint Idaho Tea Party Patriots; musical guest Alan Jackson


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