Monday’s Prime Time Buzz

Here’s a quick look at tonight’s prime time lineup:

Tonight at 8:00pm: When Ted ruins Lily’s birthday dinner celebration by bringing a date, Lily goes to great lengths to keep her out of the traditional photo she takes every year of the gang, on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

Tonight at 8:30pm: Audrey is upset when Jeff reveals to her that he doesn’t believe she saw her dead grandmother’s ghost. Meanwhile, Russell tries to persuade Timmy not to go through with his arranged marriage, on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.

Tonight at 9:00pm: Charlie has a return engagement with Chelsea’s best friend, while Alan has an unexpected effect on a new female patient, on TWO AND A HALF MEN.

Tonight at 9:30pm: Sheldon’s friends come to his aid when his fear of public speaking stands between him and a coveted award, on THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Tonight at 10:00pm: When Horatio’s son Kyle returns from war, he seeks his father’s help to solve a murder, on CSI: MIAMI.

Then at 11:35pm on THE LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN: Actor Greg Kinnear; Lacey Brown, the latest contestant voted off “American Idol”; musical guest Michael Buble; a Top Ten List presented by CBS News’ “The Early Show” Anchor Harry Smith.


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