Friday’s Soap Summaries

Here’s a look at what happened on today’s epsiodes of CBS soaps, which were pre-empted on LIVE 5 WCSC by the ACC Basketball Tournament. The shows aired in their entirety on LIVE 5+, but we’re providing these summaries for people who weren’t able to tune in.

Nick and Billy prepare to take on their roles in this battle as everyone is polled and Adam is found unanimously guilty. In that moment, Phyllis arrives with the truth. Phyllis informs them about the letter Taylor dictated and gives it to Ashley. Ashley tentatively reads the letter and doesn’t believe it. As Victor reads the letter to the group, Adam jumps on it, hoping to ally himself with Ashley. However, it all comes crashing down when Ashley remembers falling down the stairs, and finally realizes that it was Adam impersonating Sabrina. Sharon nearly faints from the enormity of their realization and Nick rushes to her side, as Ashley collapses to the floor.

Phyllis slips out of the cabin. Victoria helps her get away, knowing how difficult it must have been for her to reveal the truth. Victor, seeing Ashley’s pain, attacks Adam, wanting the truth once and for all but Adam continues to play the victim.

Later, Nick realizes Phyllis is gone. Phyllis cruses herself for pushing to figure out what Adam was up to knowing now what it could end up costing her. Ashley’s denial continues as she refuses to entertain the thought that Faith could be Sharon and Nick’s child. Victor prepares himself to lose not just one but two children. Nikki offers to let Sharon stay with her and Victor while she and Nick try to sort things out in regards to Faith.

At the cabin, Adam begins to panic. While Victor and Jack aren’t aware, Adam grabs the fire poker and manages to get out the door and into the woods as the men go after him.

Bridget’s guilt gets the best of her as she makes a confession to Nick. Jackie and Owen agree to put all of their problems in the past behind them. Jackie is unaware of the true context to which Owen is speaking of.
Oliver learns the extent of Steffy’s vindictive nature, and what fuels it. Oliver tries to convince her to not proceed with the next step of her plan by kissing her. Hope witnesses the kiss.

Henry runs into Vienna, who’s come back to town after hearing from Katie that Henry would be donating the Stenbeck inheritance to the hospital. Henry’s floored that she’s back and doesn’t correct her by letting her know he has not, in fact, decided to do any such thing. Henry and Vienna share a meal at Al’s where Katie urges Henry to make the donation and recommit to Vienna. Vienna kisses Henry at the Lakeview right as Barbara walks into the room.

Katie and Reid hang out in Old Town before his flight back to Texas. Luke sees Reid acting sweet to Jacob and he’s surprised. Katie runs off to see Vienna and Henry, leaving Reid and Luke to argue about each other’s personalities. Luke thinks Reid is biased against Luke because he’s gay. Reid informs Luke that he’s not biased, because he himself is gay. Luke’s shocked, but Reid thinks it’s perfectly normal to have not shared personal information with his clients and patients. Luke thinks he knows Reid’s actually a nice person, and his bad guy exterior is just an act. Katie returns claiming Henry really will make the donation to the hospital, but Reid isn’t sure he wants to stay.

At Janet’s doctor’s appointment, they discover the baby must be Jack’s. Carly assures Jack they’ll work it out. Dusty explains to Janet that he still wants to marry her, but reluctantly Janet refuses. Carly confronts Janet to let her know that she’s not going anywhere. Dusty informs Jack that he’ll take care of Janet.

Soaps return to their normal channel on Monday.


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