Thursday’s Soap Summaries

Here’s a look at what happened on today’s epsiodes of CBS soaps, which were pre-empted on LIVE 5 WCSC by the ACC Basketball Tournament. The shows aired in their entirety on LIVE 5+, and you can watch the episodes for free after 6pm at, but we’re providing these summaries for people who weren’t able to tune in.

Adam realizes that he has been set up. It quickly becomes clear to Adam that he is about to stand trial in front of all the people he is wronged and they are going to do whatever it takes to get the truth about what happened to Sharon and Nick’s baby out of him. Meanwhile, Phyllis learns that Dr. Taylor had dying words for “Mrs. Newman.” Adam implores Sharon to help him but Sharon demands the truth. While meeting with Dr. Taylor’s estate lawyer, under a false name, Phyllis is forced to come clean. Phyllis proves her identity to the lawyer and after explaining her story about Adam and Taylor, implores her to give her the letter.

At the cabin, Adam continues to sell his lie that he doesn’t know anything about where Nick and Sharon’s child is. Later, Mrs. Harrison, the lawyer, releases the letter to Phyllis and Phyllis learns that Ashley had a miscarriage. As Phyllis reads Taylor’s letter, she realizes the full weight of what happened last summer. Michael enters and Phyllis asks him to take her to the Abbott cabin immediately.

Meanwhile, Adam continues to play the victim blaming everyone except Sharon for his fate since arriving in Genoa City. Later, Phyllis starts to panic on the way to the cabin about revealing to Nick the truth about Faith and the ramifications for her marriage. Michael pushes her to do the right thing, knowing that it could cost her more in the long run if she doesn’t.

Things start to get out of control when Billy realizes that he saw Adam at the funeral home and he must have been there stealing a baby’s ashes to give to Sharon in place of her child’s. Rafe and Heather decide they can no longer be a party to what is happening in the cabin and decide to leave. Outside, Heather and Rafe admit to Victoria and Billy that their walk out was all an act.

Outside the cabin, Phyllis stands in front of Faith’s plaque, deciding that no one ever has to know the truth as she prepares to burn the only evidence.

Nikki confronts Jill after seeing the newest issue of Restless Style. Jill makes it clear that she is proud of her actions. Tucker refuses to believe that Kay and Jill weren’t working together to bury Tucker behind his back. Tucker confronts Jill and she readily admits that Kay wasn’t her source of information for their article on him. Later, Kay takes her turn confronting Jill. Tucker decides to completely dismantle Chancellor Industries.

Bridget has moments of guilt during her romantic getaway with Nick. Owen overcompensates for his guilt by preparing a romantic evening for Jackie.

Hope reveals to Brooke about the new man in her life, Oliver. Brooke becomes concerned when she learns more about Oliver. Steffy is confident that she now has ammunition against Brooke and the Logan family. For Hope’s sake, Oliver vows to stop Steffy.

Henry and Barbara enjoy each other’s company in public and in front of Kim. Barbara’s pleased Henry’s not covering up their relationship any more.

Meanwhile, Katie’s worried Jacob swallowed a button, but in her hast to get to the hospital she’s almost mowed down by Chris Hughes. Chris checks Jacob out. Jacob’s fine, but Chris is horrified to learn Katie lives with Reid, who Chris considers a man of questionable morals. Katie talks to Reid about how no one likes him but her. Henry arrives just in time to catch Reid and Katie hugging, but Chris assures alarmed Henry not to fret. Reid is gay. Henry forgets to mention to Katie that he’s seeing Barbara, before she slams the door on him for being so hung up on Reid and his sexuality. When Henry returns to Barbara she forgives him and they decide to make love instead of revealing their relationship to the world yet. In the lobby, Vienna checks in.

Noah comforts Luke about Damian and gives him the papers Damian must sign to nullify the adoption. Luke’s upset Noah’s leaving him, but takes him to the hospital for his last visit. They share a brief goodbye. Luke confronts Reid twice about his lack of understanding when it comes to Luke’s personality. Reid and Luke both become more curious about each other.

Bob and Kim are thrilled Chris is back. Chris makes it clear he wants to come home, but thinks he’s out of luck when it comes to relationships.

Soaps will move to Live 5+ tomorrow as well, and we’ll post a similar update on tomorrow’s episodes after 5:00pm here on the LIVE 5 INSIDER blog.


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