‘Rules’ Ready to Re-Engage

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT begins its 4th season tonight at 8:30pm on LIVE 5 WCSC.

It temporarily replaces ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, which will take a short break before returning for its season finale in a couple of months.

The cast, naturally, is excited about being back on CBS’s Monday comedy lineup.

“The show that we’re making right now is the show that I’ve always wanted to make,” actor Patrick Warburton says. “It’s the show that I always felt this show had the potential. We were finding it last season and its even more so this season.”

Warburton says the first four episodes are four of the funniest ones they’ve ever done.

One of the biggest developments last year was the arrival of the character of Timmy, played by Adhir Kalyan, the new personal assistant to David Spade’s character of Russell. The dynamic between the two worked with viewers, and so Kalyan is back for the full season.

The big questions are whether engaged couple Adam and Jennifer will actually make it down the aisle and whether there’s a baby in store for Jeff and Audrey. But you’ll just have to tune in to see if either happens this season!

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT relaunches tonight at 8:30pm.


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