Super Bowl Sets TV Record

The 1983 finale of the CBS hit M*A*S*H has finally lost its long-held title as the most-watched television program in history.

Last night’s SUPER BOWL  was viewed by more than 106 million people, beating the last episode of the classic sitcom by about a half-million viewers.

That much-anticipated finale saw Hawkeye, B.J., Hot Lips and the rest of the 4077th M*A*S*H unit finally head home from the Korean War after eleven seasons, a run nearly three times longer than the actual conflict in Asia.

It goes as no surprise, of course, that last night’s game was also the most-watched Super Bowl, too. The previous game to hold that record was last year’s match-up between Arizona and Pittsburgh.

So whether you tuned in to see the action on the gridiron or the commercials, if you were watching, you were making television history! Thanks for being part of it!


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