What Satellite Customers Need to Know About Live 5+

We’ve gotten several comments and calls from local viewers who subscribe to satellite services and want to see Live 5+.

For those of you who don’t have satellite service, we’re on Comcast channel 212 and Knology channel 146. But when it comes to satellite services, the rules are a bit different.

If you’re a satellite subscriber, and you don’t have a digitial tuner on your television capable of tuning to WCSC channel 5.2 off-air, call your satellite provider and ask them to carry our second channel.

Satellite companies like DirecTV and Dish Network aren’t under the same federal rules that require cable providers to carry Live 5+. Since they aren’t regulated the same way, they’re under no obligation to broadcast us.

But if they get enough requests from their subscribers, they’re more likely to add us anyway. So if you want to see Live 5+ and it’s not on your lineup, please call your satellite company and ask them to add us.

And thanks to all of you who’ve asked about how to get Live 5+!


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