Program Schedule for Live 5+ Unveiled

Live 5+, our new second channel, launches on Monday. You’ll find it over the air on WCSC-TV channel 5.2, and on Comcast Cable channel 212 and Knology Cable channel 146.

You can view the weekday programming schedule for Live 5+ here, after the jump:


Time Show
5:00am Paid Programming
5:30am Paid Programming
6:00am Ag Day
6:30am Independent News Network
7:00am Live 5 News This Morning
9:00am Live 5 News This Morning
10:00am Recipe.TV
10:30am Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
11:00am America’s Funniest Home Videos
Noon Storm Stories
12:30pm Paid Programming
1:00pm Live 5 News at Noon
1:30pm Live 5 News at Noon
2:00pm My Wife and Kids
2:30pm My Wife and Kids
3:00pm America’s Funniest Home Videos
4:00pm Judge Hatchett
4:30pm Judge Hatchett
5:00pm Steven and Chris
6:00pm Inside Edition
6:30pm Access Hollywood
7:00pm The Insider
7:30pm Entertainment Studios TV
8:00pm The Doctors
9:00pm The Wendy Williams Show
10:00pm My Name is Earl
10:30pm My Name is Earl
11:00pm George Lopez
11:30pm George Lopez
Midnight The Insider
12:30am Live 5 News @ 11
1:05am Live 5 News @ 11
1:40am Local Weather or Paid
2:00am CBS Up to the Minute
4:30am CBS Morning News

The weekend schedule will be posted soon.

Live 5+ launches on Monday morning! We hope you’ll watch!


11 thoughts on “Program Schedule for Live 5+ Unveiled

  1. This is great news for those of us who only get broadcast TV! Imagine… another channel in Charleston.

    Thanks so much Live5+Plus!!!

    This is great news for those of us who only get broadcast TV! Imagine… another channel in Charleston.

    Thanks so much Live5+Plus!!!

  2. This schedule really sucks. Repeat of news, repeat of news, and junk programs. Did I mention repeat of news? There is nothing on that schedule to brag about. You need to get some ’60s television series to broadcast. I cannot believe channel 5 put that schedule of program on the air.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you’re not delighted with our lineup, but we will be adding additional programming — including locally-produced shows — in the future, so keep checking with us.

      As for the repeats of our news, you’d be surprised how many times we’re approached by viewers who missed something they saw on our news. Rebroadcasting our local news gives them the chance to see those stories.

    • Thanks for your question, Kathy.

      DirecTV and Dish Network are not under the same ‘must carry’ rules that cable providers are and are under no obligation to put Live5+ on their system. With that being said, We would suggest that you contact DirecTV and request that they add Live5+ to their lineup and if they get enough interest, they may decide to do so.

      Depending on where you are, and what kind of television and/or digital tuner you have, you may be able to pull in our signal off the air on Channel 5.2.

  3. Your line up for live 5 plus is still not all that great
    You guys need to do some work on this channel or just run a network on this channel like THIS TV network or somthing would be better then what you have now
    thanks for your time Jason

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