Live 5…Plus a Whole Lot More!

All of us at LIVE 5 WCSC are excited about a major new project we’re launching in two weeks: it’s an all-new second channel that we call LIVE 5+.

5+ will offer a variety of shows, like MY NAME IS EARL, GEORGE LOPEZ, AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS, THE INSIDER, and MY WIFE AND KIDS. It will also feature rebroadcasts of LIVE 5 NEWS, so that you have more opportunities to catch our news on your schedule.

If you have a newer television set, finding it is easy. Just tune to Digital Channel 5.2.

If you are a local cable customer, you can find us on Comcast channel 212 and Knology channel 146. Additional local cable carriers may be adding 5+ to their lineups in the future, so if yours isn’t listed, give your cable provider a call and tell them you want to see LIVE 5+!

The new channel launches on January 18th, so get ready for more choices than ever from the Lowcountry’s News Leader!

Click here to read more about LIVE 5+ programming posts here at the LIVE 5 INSIDER blog! (New posts about LIVE 5+ will automatically be added to that list as they appear.)


4 thoughts on “Live 5…Plus a Whole Lot More!

  1. Are you guys going to start a 5.3 channel just for the Doppler Radar? It’s very cool being able to check this to see what type of Weather is heading our way.

    I see other area of the Country adding more sub-channels with some sports channels. I get my TV via a Roof-top antenna, because the cost of Cable/Dish is way too much. So any more channels you add would be great!

    • Thanks, Michael. We’re always looking at new options. Portions of our schedule on Live 5+ will give us opportunites to air Doppler Radar. We’re also looking at the possibility, during periods of severe weather, of either simulcasting live weather updates on both channels, or offering extended live weather coverage on Live 5+ along with our webchannel

      Stay tuned!

    • Hi, Jack…

      If you have a digital-ready television capable of tuning in our main channel as 5.1, then you should be able to tune in 5.2. If you’re using a digital converter box, you may need to do a “rescan” to make sure it recognizes 5.2.

      If you’re a cable viewer, check with your local provider. We’re already being carried on Comcast, Home Cable and Knology. We’ve just been told that Time Warner Cable will add 5+ in the next couple of weeks. (We’ll post more about that when we have a specific, verified date.)

      If you’re a satellite viewer, be aware that satellite companies like DirecTV and Dish Network aren’t under the same legal requirements that cable companies are, so they aren’t required to carry us. But if they get enough requests from their paying customers, it would certainly be in their best interest to carry us anyway. So please call your satellite provider and tell them you want Live 5 +!

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