Soaps Pick Up from Wednesday’s Episodes Today

With THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS‘s unusual holiday episode on New Year’s Eve, and no new episodes for either THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL or AS THE WORLD TURNS on Thursday or Friday, your Live 5 Insider wanted to make sure you were ready for what happens today.

But first, did you see that New Year’s Eve episode of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS?  It wasn’t the first time a single character pretty much carried an entire episode.  There was that episode with Michael Baldwin who got to take a tour of Genoa City in an alternate reality in which he’d never been born.  But this time, Billy Abbott, played by Billy Miller, was the focus of the show.

Escorted through the future by the ghost of his father, John Abbott (Jerry Douglas), Billy learns why he is cut off from all of the people he’s close to now and sees the fate of his magazine.

Miller and Douglas played very well together in this show, and one of the funniest moments came when John took Billy to a future celebration at Billy’s magazine, Restless Style: Nick and Victoria Newman have regained control, Kevin is an editor, and Billy’s ex, Mac, is suddenly Kevin’s husband.  When she kisses him, Billy, standing next to John, deadpans, “Are you high?”  He then walks over and takes a closer look at the kiss, and with eyes wide in shock, he looks back at his dad, “Am I high?”

If the powers that be at Y&R don’t send in a Daytime Emmy nomination for Miller for this episode, they’re crazy!  If you didn’t see the show, go to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’s page at where you can still watch the episode.

And here’s that recap of what happened on all of your soaps last Wednesday:

  • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Lily and Neil were shocked to be standing in front of Malcolm, who rushed to Genoa City when he heard about Lily’s condition. Neil and Malcolm faced off on how Malcolm’s five-year absence. Meanwhile, Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion to visit Delia. Kay, Murphy, Chance, and Chloe celebrated New Year’s Eve with him until he faked that he is going to a friend’s party (and wound up having an outlook-changing view of what Genoa City would be without him thanks to the ghost of John). At the coffeehouse, Nina asked Paul if he minded her accompanying him to the mental hospital to see Patty. Once there, Patty openly accepted Nina. Jack and Emily became engaged. J.T. and Victoria decided they need a break and that Victoria will go to Dubai but leave Reed with J.T. Phyllis confronted Nick about his obsession with Sharon.
  • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: In order to proceed with their plan to take over Forrester Creations, the group prepared to sell the new “Dare” line to Bill. Eric had Brooke and Donna model the dresses, and Bill made his decision about whether to continue with it. Sandy learned disturbing news about her case.
  • AS THE WORLD TURNS: Jack and Carly stumbled on an old copper bathtub and reminisced about how this seems so familiar. Craig returned to the cabin sicker than he was before, having fallen through the top of a frozen pond. They used the tub to warm him up and put him to bed. Jack and Carly grew closer. Meg took off with Eliza. Alison found them in a stairwell at the hospital. Dr. Wilson from Deerbrook was called as Paul suggested to Meg that she not put up a fight right now, just to lay low and be cool off about things. Mick watched Casey propose to Alison. Alison suggested Valentine’s Day as a nice day to get married. Janet and Dusty made love to ring in the New Year.
So now you’re ready for the first new episodes of 2010! Thanks for watching! We appreciate your loyal support!


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