Soap Fans: Here’s Your New Year’s Eve Update!

If you’re a fan of CBS soaps, here’s what you need to know about today’s shows:

  • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS airs a new episode today. The ghost of John Abbott appears to his son, Billy, who’s in a prolonged downward spiral. John will take Billy through an It’s a Wonderful Life-style trip through Genoa City as it might have been if Billy wasn’t around, and Billy gets a chilling look at how likely that is if he keeps going downhill.
  • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is airing a special encore of its January 5th, 2009 episode, in which Brooke and Ridge exchange their vows in an unconventional private ceremony on Malibu Beach. There’s also the drama over the showstopper at the fashion show.
  • AS THE WORLD TURNS will not be seen today because of THE SUN BOWL, which begins at 2:00pm. No episode of the show was produced for today, so you will not miss anything from your friends in Oakdale.
Also, because of football coverage, LIVE 5 NEWS AT 5 will not be seen today, but we’ll have your local news and your neighborhood forecast at 6pm.



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