CBS Pulls Three Rivers From Schedule

The medical drama THREE RIVERS has been pulled from CBS’s December schedule.

It’s a shame because it wasn’t a bad show and brought attention to a seldom-discussed issue: organ donation and people who are willing to agree to be donors. The show presented an unusual angle: stories told from the point of view of the donors, the recipients and the doctors caught in the middle.

Some critics suggested the show’s narrow topic was too limiting. But if you actually watched an episode, you saw stories that were gripping and emotional. There wasn’t always a happy ending, but it definitely made you think about how precious life can be.

But the show wasn’t without a few stumbles early on. Just before the premiere, a major cast change occurred, with the addition of Alfre Woodard. Then parts of the pilot were reshot after the look of the show was redesigned to make it more “warm.” It seemed to start on shaky, unsure legs and debut ratings weren’t that impressive.

The pilot episode of the series, incidentally, included one storyline that began with a shooting at a wedding being held on Pawlie’s Island, South Carolina. It’s always nice to see the Palmetto State making an appearance, even if only briefly.

It seems likely that the series is now on the road to cancelation, but CBS has not confirmed that, yet. In the meantime, CBS will place episodes of NCIS: LOS ANGELES and COLD CASE in its Sunday night timeslot.


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