Study: TV Viewership At All-Time High

How much time do you spend in front of the tube each day?

If the answer is “More than you used to,” you’re not alone.

A new Nielsen Company study confirms that the average American spends an average of four hours, 49 minutes a day in front of the television. This figure includes shows recorded and viewed within seven days of their broadcast and cable.

tv-setWhat’s really interesting is that this figure represents an all-time high for television viewing in the U.S.

The figures are for the 2008-09 television season, the most recent completed season.

The average household, according to the same study, watches more than eight hours of television a day. Your blogger’s own viewing habits are more like an average household than an average individual, in case you were curious.

A great deal of that time, naturally enough, is spent watching LIVE 5 WCSC. I hope yours is, too.


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