Braeden Works Out Deal to Stay on Y&R

Actor Eric Braeden, who shocked soap fans by announcing he was leaving THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS over a contract dispute, now says that his fans helped him change his mind.

YR_LOGOThe 68-year-old, who has portrayed villian Victor Newman for 29 years on the show, was approached about taking a pay cut before the end of his current contract. A clause in all AFTRA contracts allows producers of a television show to renegotiate details of the agreement, including salary, every 26 weeks, Braeden says.

The actors have no such authority in their contracts, and that led to some bitter moments at the negotiation table.

During an appearance on Fox’s Good Day Los Angeles, Braeden said he was willing to take a pay cut on his next contract, but not the current one. He thought his mind was made up.

“As an actor, when you work in a studio, you work in a cocoon,” Braeden said. “You don’t realize that what you do has an affect on people.”

The fan reaction to the news that he was vacating the role, a reaction he called “overwhelming” helped him rethink things.

“One is, in the end, thankful to have a job,” he said.

His new deal is a three-year contract, but he declined to reveal details about his salary and any other aspects of the agreement.

In the current storyline, Victor is preparing to leave Genoa City to spend time in an overseas rehabilitation clinic after surviving a heart transplant. His final episode was to have aired November 2nd, but there is no word as yet on when Braeden will appear.

The show is taped roughly one month or so in advance. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS airs weekdays at 12:30pm on LIVE 5 WCSC, immediately following LIVE 5 NEWS AT NOON.


2 thoughts on “Braeden Works Out Deal to Stay on Y&R

  1. I AM so glad to know that victor is not leaving the young and restless,and that nickey is going to get back with victor.
    Please do not allow Adam to continue get away with all his dirt, sick of him.

  2. I’m very glad Victor is staying,He is th reason I’ve watch Y&R for 28 years. The writers could get rid of Amber, Billy and Gloria and I wouldn’t mind at all. thanks for staying Victor!!!!!

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