Letterman Reveals Blackmail Plot

Viewers who tuned in to Thursday night’s episode of THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN heard the host reveal details of a personal story that was far from funny.

Letterman acknowledged having had sexual relationships with some female staffers on his show and then claimed that he had been the target of an extortion plot.

At first, it seemed like an elaborate setup to what must be a huge punchline. But as the details emerged, it became clear that the host, despite his humorous telling of the events, was serious.

Letterman said he had found a package in his car containing a letter from someone he didn’t identify. Letterman said the letter read, in part, “I know that you do some terrible, terrible things and that I can prove you do some terrible things.”

CBS News is now reporting that the man arrested in connection with the extortion plot is a veteran producer with 48 HOURS.

A network spokesman said CBS is cooperating fully with the authorities and the employee has been suspended pending the results of the investigation. The network added no further comments, stating it believes Letterman’s comments speak for themselves.

CBS has posted more details about the story and the investigation, as well as video of Letterman’s announcement from Thursday night’s show. View it here at CBSNews.com.


One thought on “Letterman Reveals Blackmail Plot

  1. I don’t sympathize for him. He has no mercy on the people who are the targets of his jokes. Even last night he indirectly made a joke referring to the Mark Sanford affair. The tables have turned and now he is the one in the hot spot. Will he make jokes about himself? I think not!

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