Continuing the Gift of Life

Victor Newman is in desperate need of a new heart. The supervillian on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS was shot by the woman he transformed into someone else and turned loose on an unsuspecting Genoa City. Meanwhile, Colleen Carlton, an innocent victim in the plot, has just been declared brain dead after a boating accident at the lake where the shooting happened. Doctors have informed the family that Colleen had indicated that she wanted to be an organ donor.

On October 5th, the CBS show THREE RIVERS makes its debut. That show is set in a Pittsburgh hospital that specializes in organ transplants.

See the common theme here? Maybe Victor will wind up on THREE RIVERS!

Well, that doesn’t seem all that likely, but the two shows are definitely putting the topic of organ donation in the forefront.

Back in August, Live 5 News did a story about organ donation and revealed that anyone who registered for it throught the DMV prior to December of 2008 may not be officially registered in the system. Though the heart icon that appears on the driver’s license may be an indication of the donor’s intent, it could still be up to the family as to whether the potential donor’s organs are actually donated.

People who register at the DMV since then now receive an emblem of a heart with a circle around it with a ‘Y’ in it. This symbol indicates that they are on the donor registry, according to Mark Johnson, the media relations director for LifePoint, a state-based organ and tissue donation service.

Johnson says another way to register officially, without having to wait for your drivers license to be renewed, is by going to The name of the website references the fact that a new name is added to the organ transplant waiting list an average of every 11 minutes.

As we reported, there are about 900 people in South Carolina on the transplant list, and 700 of those are waiting for a kidney. There are more than 200,000 people in the state who are officially registered. If you want to be one of them, you now have two ways to sign up!


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