Bad Time for a Station Break

A few viewers have called or emailed us to let us know their concerns about a commercial break that briefly interrupted coverage of President Barack Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress.

One viewer wrote:

“…Never before has this happened in the middle of a Presidential speech—-why now?”

The answer is simple: coverage ran longer than CBS led us to believe it would. Earlier in the evening, the Network was able to provide our master control team with a specific time of a commercial break that was supposed to air during CRIMINAL MINDS. presidential-sealThat’s the show that should have been on the air when the errant commercial break actually happened.

So our broadcast equipment was scheduled to air the break at that specific time, a time we were told to air it.

In a perfect world, all would have gone smoothly. But when the coverage went longer than planned, this one computer setting, unfortunately, did not get changed, and that’s why the commercial break aired at its originally-scheduled hit-time.

We hope that our longtime viewers already know that LIVE 5 WCSC certainly did not interrupt coverage intentionally, and we’re sorry that this one detail got missed during this live event.

We value our viewers and we appreciate those who took the time to raise their concerns about the mishap to us.


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