Thanks So Much!


The final local tally for the 44th ANNUAL JERRY LEWIS MDA TELETHON was $229,184.

Thanks so much to Lowcountry viewers who were so generous despite the rough economy. The money raised today will stay right here in our area, helping local families affected by any of the various neuromuscular diseases the Muscular Dystrophy Association is fighting.

Behind the scenes, Live 5 WCSC producer Mike Rabon was awarded an MDA Broadcast Journalism award. Rabon received the Gold Award for Special Event Feature. Rabon, along with executive producer Jim DeMauro, produces the video presentations featuring local children battling Muscular Dystrophy in one of its many forms and the efforts to help them live normal lives and raise money to find a cure.

Live 5 WCSC aired the telethon from 9:00pm on Sunday through 6:30pm on Monday. This was our 32nd airing of the event.


One thought on “Thanks So Much!

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