A Labor Day Tradition

Beginning at 9:00pm on Sunday, LIVE 5 WCSC will broadcast the 44th ANNUAL JERRY LEWIS MDA TELETHON.

MDA_Composite2008Early in the broadcast, Jerry Lewis will present a tribute to the late Ed McMahon, his sidekick on the annual broadcast for 41 years. McMahon passed away earlier this year.

The Telethon is the single most important fundraising event of the year for MDA. Funds raised help the Association carry on its fight against more than 40 neuromuscular diseases, including a worldwide program of basic and applied research, a nationwide network of comprehensive medical and support services, and extensive professional and public education.

Lewis’ goal each year is to raise one dollar more than the previous year’s total, and it has happened almost every year since the telethon first hit the airwaves in 1955. This year’s telethon is the 32nd edition airing on LIVE 5 WCSC.

LIVE 5 WCSC will also be producing local segments every hour of the telethon, broadcast from LIVE 5 studios in West Ashley with the help of countless volunteers who will work together to make a difference for Jerry’s Kids. The telethon will air from 9:00pm this Sunday through 6:30pm on Monday.


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