Last Light Tapes Today

The final episode of CBS’s GUIDING LIGHT wraps up taping today, closing the book on the longest-running show in broadcast history.

Guidling_Light_LogoGUIDING LIGHT premiered in radio in 1937, and transitioned to CBS television in 1952. In all, it spans 72 years, and almost as many Emmy Awards between the show and its actors over seven decades.

The final episode airs on Friday, September 18th. Two weeks later, on Monday, October 5th, a revival of LET’S MAKE A DEAL will take over the timeslot.

For actors like Kim Zimmer, who has portrayed Reva Shayne for nearly 30 years, walking away from the show is very difficult. “I’ve gotten to be close to some of daytimes most gorgeous men!” But all joking aside, for many of the folks behind the scenes at the show, it’s the loyal viewers they feel the worst for.

Those of us who work in TV, even if we haven’t been loyal viewers of GUIDING LIGHT or soap operas in general, still have to tip our hat to a show that managed such an incredible run generation after generation. It’s not likely that any drama — daytime or nighttime — will ever come close to GUIDING LIGHT’S tenure.

GUIDING LIGHT airs weekdays at 3:00pm on LIVE 5 WCSC, followed by LIVE 5 NEWS FIRST AT FOUR.


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