Y&R’s Controversial Casting Change

About a month ago, rumors began circulating that a member of the Newman clan on CBS’s THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS would be written off of the show. Fans speculated over which character was most likely to go.

YR_LOGOOn yesterday’s show, fans found out who was killed off, and the selection has spawned a minor debate among fans. The victim: Victor Newman’s yellow lab, Zapato, apparently poisoned by Genoa City’s resident psycho Mary Jane Benson.

Animal lovers were upset by the storyline and some have complained on message boards devoted to the show, but other viewers have reminded them of one critical fact: only the character of Zapato was killed off; the dog who portrayed him is alive and well, and likely enjoying his time off from in front of the camera munching on dog biscuits.

What do you think? Should four-legged characters be off-limits to psychotic characters, or are they fair targets on a soap as well?  Leave us a comment and let us know how you feel!


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